Cold, dark and wet but worth it

That was a hard run.
I haven’t run since Sunday, and it was hard.
It took me about 4 miles to get into it.
Cold, wet, dark, sore legs, hard to breathe, chased by a dog… ;-P
I didn’t know where I was going and could have come up with loads of excuses not to go. But I’m glad I did. 🙂

I was up and out for about 6:20am.
In Stornoway, it was cold, dark and wet.
I don’t know it well so I took a punt and ran up to the castle, hoping for street lights along the way. I saw some cute little bunnies and chased one (by mistake) for about a minute.

Then through a park and I saw a dog walker and I thought I’d follow their path. Big mistake. Try had a torch and willies. I didn’t.
Right away I stepped in a big freezing cold puddle: wet and cold feet. Eeeek. More puddles and more wet feet…
Then one of the four dogs chased me. Lol

I ended up getting back onto my trusty concrete pavement.
Stars in the big sky above me.
Freezing cold wind, and rain showers.

Out the main road (uphill) until the lights stopped, then I turned around and noticed the daylight coming up. It was hard on my recovering legs, and on my chest / cardio. Hungry too.

I decided I’d take if easy and ended up running to the biggest war memorial I’ve ever seen.
With a great view across Stornoway, I took it all in, big skies, little place and remembered the big sky is what I miss about home.

I ran comfortably back to the hotel.
5.6 miles and a great way to start the day (although I’m not sure my feet will warm up or if my trainers will be dry for packing them / going home).

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