Rainbows on my wall

Last week there seemed to be a rainbow a day in Glasgow over the Clyde. It was lovely. Each day I took a photo and posted that days rainbow to Facebook.

Again and again, without fail, each day the Glasgow weather generated rainbow after rainbow.

These two pictures were ones I took last week and posted to Facebook last week. Facebook can be cool sometimes. 🙂

Rainbows always remind me of my Granny. She was a lovely woman who lived on the West Coast of Scotland. When I’d go to visit her (usually in September) the rainbows would always appear (ideal sunny and rainy weather).

So when I see rainbows I always feel at peace, I smile, remember her and think of her.

Now I’m in Stornoway until Friday, tucked away working in an old building, with not much of a view. But on the way to work yesterday I saw this (double) rainbow.

Then today, my Facebook page has been updated with rainbows other people have seen in Glasgow and around.

From Adele (Milport)

From Marie. (Glasgow)

From Andrea. (Glasgow)

From Aimee.

So if you’re my friend on Facebook and you see a rainbow, please take a picture of it, post to Facebook and tag me.

I’d love a my wall to be full of your rainbows. 🙂

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One Response to Rainbows on my wall

  1. Michele says:

    Your post made me laugh and think of the above You Tube song. Thank you Lorn.

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