Southside 6 done!

A quick overview of my Southside 6 today, and finally a photo of me in my bright gear!

You could see me from a mike off I believe. 😉

Southside 6: 6 parks, 15.4 miles
Lots of friendly runners and marshals.
Great sunny weather, up to about mile 13 where it poured a little, but not so you’d notice it too much. 🙂

(2 photos above courtesy of Crispin Walsh)

Here’s my results:
Avg HR: 164, Max HR: 177.
Garmin training effect: 5.0.
Garmin time: 2:04:09.
Pace: 8:04.

The Southside 6 event results are still to be published and I’ll do a proper race report in a few days.

It was a well laid on, great event and after event, even with all of the hills, cars, stairs and killer finish. 🙂 There were loads of marshals and volunteers, and it was great fun getting a sticker for each park.

It’s just a pity I couldn’t stay longer for the festivities.

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1 Response to Southside 6 done!

  1. Alexander Beggs says:

    Now I know why it’s called the South Side Six. Could be something to aim for for next year 🙂

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