Running it by feel

What time do you think you’ll do it in Lorn?

Maybe 2:15-2:30 hours, depends how I feel…. ?!

Today for the Southside 6, times are out the window: it’s all about how I FEEL.

16 miles is such an odd distance anyway, and there will be mud and leaves and traffic on the route so there are many factors which could slow you down. I’m going to run by my heart rate and let time be a result if how hard (or easy) I run.

Today, I hope to be finished by about half one at the latest as I have to get ready for swimming teaching at 330pm.

But today for a change I thought I’d do a little experiment with numbers and my Garmin. No ‘time’ will be shown on my Garmin. (I’ve usually got pace, time, distance, HR showing).

The only numbers I’ll see are my:

– HR (aiming to keep it between 150-160),
– distance, so I know how far on I am and how close to the finish I am, and
– Garmin Training Effect, to give me a rough idea of how hard I’m working (like I won’t know that anyway!)

Good luck to anyone doing an event today. And if you’re doing the SS6 I’ll maybe see you there. The weather appears to be stunning just now, but who knows if it’ll turn it not.

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