This week and next

This week has been good. Back at work after a week off and I’ve been rewarded with a lot of positive feedback and presents. Plenty of rest this week, mixed with exercise and helping people. 🙂

Here’s what I did exercise wise:

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength
PM: 4 ish mile run wi Fit Girl

Tue: Rest and met with friend to help her look at her life.

Wed AM: 2000m / 80 length swim
PM: 4 ish mile run wi Fit Girl

Thu AM: Rest
PM: PT Run wi Super Champ

Fri: Rest

Sat AM: 4 ish miles wi Fit Girl

Sun AM: 16 mile Southside 6
PM: Swimming Teaching

Strength work was good on Monday. I wasn’t too sore from it and enjoyed it, and was up for the run on Monday night.

Tuesday I had a rest day, focussing on work and I met a friend to see if I could help her. She’s been not taking care of herself for about 5 years or more, and is feeling it now. The first step is to kick her 6 litre a week diet coke habit… and improve her food choices. Then we’ll see where she goes.

She is currently in aspartame and caffeine withdrawal after having her last diet coke on Tuesday night. Symptoms include, flu like symptoms, sore throat, sore head, no energy. If that wasn’t a reason to give up diet coke, I don’t know what is.

On Wednesday I thought I’d have a change and swim 80 lengths before work. It was decidedly hard as I haven’t swum for months, but it still felt good as I did it. I swam it in about 40 minutes and was fortunate to get a colleague swimming coach give me feedback on my final 6 lengths.

I’m self taught at swimming, and have improved my stroke over the years with practice, and from teaching others and understanding how to swim. So it was no surprise to be told that my stroke is good. The only thing he suggested was to improve my hand entry (more curved) and my pull. All good.

But swimming takes it out of me and I was left increasingly dehydrated, hungry and tired. It’s a bit like a hangover, and I’m not sure how I can prevent it from happening. It’s like I’m allergic to the pool water or something. I’m not sure that swimming more would make me more used to it, perhaps something to try, once a week and see what happens.

After that the week became a little more restful for me. On Thursday I met up with my lovely PT client Super Champ. Her personality and chat is addictive. She’s settled in life and knows what she wants. She’s getting me to help her with her running and she’s doing really well.

I’m not sure why, but I got her to do my Super Human Test. I should have known really, but she scored herself 5 (very happy) in all areas of her life. Very inspiring and impressive. Good stuff and it’s nice to spend time with her and help her achieve her goals. Next Saturday I’m hopefully going to pace her to do 10k in her target time.

The rest of my week comprised of a couple of runs and a rest day before the Southside 6 on Sunday. I’m a little apprehensive about the run. Whilst I know I’ll be find running it, I’m less prepared them I normally would be.

I entered it at the start of the year, and haven’t trained on the route, or have any idea what it’s like (except for through 6 parks across the Southside of Glasgow.) my running hasn’t particularly been focused on it and I’ve got a very busy day ahead of me on Sunday:

10am go to the event, register
11am start the run
1:15-1:30pm finish the run
2pm get home and get ready for swimming teaching (shower and eat). 330pm go to Bella to teach swimming for 4hrs.

I’ll need to make sure I eat and drink enough because I have a 4 hour shift on poolside from 4-8pm. I’ll be running with my water pack to make sure I take on enough throughout the run and will need to eat plenty too.

(My lunch from today).

Next week I’m away with work for the majority of it. Off to Stornoway, this time from Tuesday afternoon until Friday. So I’ll focus more on running and I’ll adventurise around Stornoway to see what I can find / see.

Next week I’ll take it as it comes and maybe rest one of the days I’m at Stornoway, maybe the Friday:

Mon: Rest or swim
(PT session / chat after work).

Tue: Super 8s Strength

Wed: 60 min run

Thu: 45-90 min run

Fri: 30-45 min run (or rest)

Sat: 10k wi Super Champ

Sun: Rest and Swimming Teach

Looking forward to my week of hotel breakfasts and dinners, although I might not be saying that by the time Friday comes along.

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