I believe in rainbows

imageI remember when I was younger, hearing people talk about my Dad, who was a well respected GP in the small town where we lived. So many people had so many nice things to say about him. And he helped and touched so many peoples lives in the 35-40 years as a GP. I remember thinking – I want to be like that: help people and leave footprints in their lives.



I believe in rainbows. They remind me of my Granny and how much of a special, caring and well thought of person she was. Every time I see one I think of her, remember her, and want to make her proud.



At the start of the week I posted in Facebook about how I hoped there’d be sunshine and rainbows in my life and at work this week.

photo 1

You might remember my friend Janice replied to my post above with the following… ‘bring a little bit of difference to people’ … Well, that I did. 🙂

I’m pleased to say that this week there have been plenty of rainbows, and plenty of sunshine too, some not of the weather type. My job(s, all three of them) are all about working with and helping people, and I’m lucky to be able to have the chance to ‘make a difference’ in all of them.

photo 3

Here’s Monday’s rainbow in the sky, and here’s a nice message I got on Monday morning. I got the nice message from a friend of a friend who I helped with some questions and concerns he had about running his first marathon.

photo 2

I didn’t meet him, but we had a good email exchange, and he said my words helped and really made a difference. I was so chuffed for him and happy I had been able to help.

photo 4

Then here’s Tuesday’s rainbow. On Tuesday I got a nice present from my friend and colleague Eileen who just ran her first marathon in Amsterdam. She really enjoyed it and did really well.



I’d done some long training runs with her, and I don’t remember saying this, but apparently she had it in her head that I said ‘whatever you do, don’t walk’.

disney birdsSo she limited herself to only walking at the water stations and I helped her, along with her cape and the Disney birds…. (don’t ask, I’ll explain them another time) push through and finish strongly. She did really well and I’m chuffed for her.

I don’t think I’d advise not to walk in a marathon, as there not much difference in pace between walking and running. I think I maybe told her she wouldn’t NEED to walk as she’d done so well in her training.

Either way, I made a difference with her and was rewarded with a nice wee present. Caramel waffle type thingys to be heated up in top of your coffee. Yum.


On Tuesday night I met up with a friend and chatted with her about trying to focus on herself a bit more. She’s lost sight if herself in the last 5 years and ended up not taking care of herself the way she could. She looks after lots of other people but has stopped looking after herself.

2.5 hours spent looking at her life (using my Super Human Test) and how she can become more happy. What steps she can take to be who she wants to be. I know she was very grateful and it was nice to help her – even though I had to be a bit honest and blunt at times! I know she appreciated it.

photo 5

Here’s Wednesdays rainbow, hiding away… and here’s what happened on Wednesday… I was honestly left speechless for quite some time.

At work, I worked for two very nice women / managers. They have very busy jobs and I’m there to help them and co-ordinate things. Recently, the work loads have been increasing and my role has been split into two, with me working directly to just one of them.


Anyway, I’ve been working with both of them for the last year and a half, and recently moved over. I came in to this the other day: a thank you card with a lovely message, and a £50 voucher for wiggle. I was honestly gobsmacked.


Kind, helpful, calm and patient – Me. At work I tend not to get stressed. I just prioritise and plan and do what I can do. I help people and I like helping people. And now I’ve been rewarded for it with a lovely message and the voucher. I’m still astonished but very proud and pleased. Now what do I need from Wiggle?

Then to finish it all off, on Thursday morning I got this nice private message from one of my readers on my Facebook page:


So I got back in touch with her and found out who she is and what her story is. If she wants some help or advise I’d be happy to help. People can be so nice, and it’s nice to be nice.

There’s been a lot of sunshine and rainbows for me this week and I’m truly grateful for being able to touch so many peoples lives and help them with whatever I can.


Cape and smile on: having fun, helping people. Hopefully I’m making my Granny and Dad proud. 🙂


PS: Sorry if you got this post three times – WordPress was playing silly beggars x

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