What is healthy and unhealthy?

At work yesterday, someone was talking about the Xmas night out and was overheard saying …

‘Everyone except for Lorn as she’s too healthy’.

I expected she was talking about drinking. I don’t drink, after years if abusing my body every weekend (from age ELEVEN to 28), I decided enough was enough and managed to wean myself off what I considered was my worst habit ever. That was over 4 years ago, and it’s easily the best thing I’ve ever done!

Anyway. It got me thinking. So if I’m really healthy, or ‘too healthy’ as was described yesterday, I was thinking well, what’s too healthy?

I eat well, I look after myself, I exercise, I rest, recover, socialise and have fun. I’m always aiming to improve myself. I treat my body like a baby, I try to put good stuff in it so I feel great and act or perform great too hopefully.

(I still have the odd dips and bad stuff, like the snack sized mars bar I had when I came in starving last night, and the snack sized snickers I had after dinner, but the majority of the time I do well. 80:20 is my moto, or more like 95:5. If most of what I do is good, then I’ll get good from me).

I don’t get headaches, I feel physically great 99% of the time. My blood pressure and resting heart rate are low, I’m a healthy weight and body fat %. And most of all, I’m happy with my life, body and who I am.

I consider the following to be unhealthy or not good for you, and which I tend to stay away from (and occasionally have some of the sugar or deep fried foods):
– Smoking
– Fizzy drinks
– Deep fried foods
– Bread and baked goods / wheat
– Crisps
– Alcohol
– Drugs
– Sugar

I’ve spent years improving what I eat and drink. Bit by bit making it healthier and healthier.

But then I thought,

‘What if I was just normal?’

What I do, what I eat and everything about me was just normal. Not too much of anything? Not ‘too healthy’, not ‘too much exercise’ or too much of anything else?

Maybe it’s you and all of the other people going to the Xmas party who don’t care about your bodies enough to look after them the way I do?

Maybe you don’t exercise or you could exercise more but you choose not to because you don’t have time, or you don’t make time. Maybe I don’t exercise too much… Maybe you exercise too little?

You choose how you spend your 24 hours in a day, as do I. I tend to exercise 4-6 days a week, if you don’t, that’s your choice. You choose to put whatever you want to put into your bodies, as do I. If I’m fit, healthy and happy, and you’re fat, unhealthy and unhappy, then perhaps it’s down to choice?

Maybe it’s me that’s normal and most other people who are TOO UNHEALTHY (as opposed to me being TOO HEALTHY)?

Just a thought. 🙂

Ps: I did say this out loud yesterday at work and my boss who knows me well, (nicely) laughed in my face and said,

‘You’ll never be normal Lorn’. :-S

(In a good way I hope!). Lol. So it looks like there’s no hope for me afterall.

I’ll keep trying to be the best I can be. Being happy and healthy, and I’ll keep trying to improve and be Super me. I hope I help other try to improve themselves in different ways too.

What are you going to do today to look after and take care of yourself?

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