Stupid Clocks Going Back

Last night I realised my body clock was a bit messed up – and perhaps still on BST : British Summer Time. I like BST. 😦

Back to work after a week off work with no real bedtime or get up time. Back to GMT.
The clocks might have gone back but my body and mind are still dancing about in BST.
I think the whole time change thing is stupid and we should keep one time all year round.

So last night instead of winding down at 9pm like I’d told myself I would. I started helping a friend instead, writing my blog, I finished it at about 22:15, 15 minute past my bedtime (or an hour and 15 past my BST bedtime!)

Then my mind wasn’t turned off, so when I got to bed, I didn’t sleep and eventually got off to sleep about midnight. Then inline with BST, I woke up as I usually do, at what my body thought was 6am, but in actual fact it was 5am.

A whole 5 hours sleep! Tut tut! Not good enough and I must do better. Sleep is important and I want to get more of it!

I’m awake now and won’t go back to sleep. So I’ll take my planned lie in and rest day, and maybe catch up with some emails or really before I get up for work.

Here’s my plan to get lots of sleep… If I can follow it, it’ll be great!
– Wind down, off computer / phone by 830-9pm.
– In bed, for or before 10pm.
– Awake at 6am, exercise most mornings at or before 630am.
(Aiming for 8-9hrs sleep a night).

Has the time change messed with your body clock?
How much sleep did you get last night?
How much sleep do you want to be getting each night?

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