Last week and the next 2 weeks

This last week on leave has been as I planned it: nicely productive and restful at the same time.

I slept lots, trained a bit and rested and enjoyed myself too. Time with Fit Girl, time with friends and plenty of rest and housey stuff:

Mon 21: Super 8s Strength
Tue 22: 5M run / hills
Wed 23: Rest (gave blood)
Thu 24: 10M run, PT Strength
Fri 25: Rest (dentist)
Sat 26: Rest
Sun 27: PT Run & Swim Teach

Here’s my plan for the next fortnight. I’m away with work to Edinburgh on Tuesday of next week, with the Southside 6 next Sunday.

Mon 28: Super 8s Strength AM / Run PM
Tue 29: Edinburgh / Rest
Wed 30: 8M run AM or Lunchtime intervals
Thu 31: 5M run AM, PT Run PM
Fri 1: Rest / Swim AM
Sat 2: Rest
Sun 3: SS6 & Swim Teach

Then I’m away to Stornoway most of the next week with work.

Mon 4: Super 8s Strength
Tue 5: 5M easy (Travel to Stornoway)
Wed 6: Run Intervals 45 mins
Thu 7: 8M run
Fri: 8: Rest (Travel home)
Sat 9: Super 8s Strength
Sun 10: Swim Teach

I’ll be getting back into my strength work with running on the side. And the. I’ll see if I can get really laid into my strength work 2-3 times a week in the lead up to Christmas. 🙂

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One Response to Last week and the next 2 weeks

  1. Stacey says:

    Who is fit girl?

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