We have two+ winners!

Last week I posted a competition for two people to win my Great Run Waterproof Jackets… 20 people entered with guesses from 3,850 to LOTs to Millions.  On this rainy day… it seems like a great day to announce the winners.


No one got exactly the right answer… but one person did get very, very close.
The answer was sort of in the clues I’d given:

– There are 757 run activities on my Garmin account.
– my average distance run for each running ‘activity’ is 5.1 miles.
= multiply 757 by 5.1 and you get 3860.7 miles.
Which 4 people got.

But with Garmin’s rounding up… it meant that the actual answer – the number on my Garmin Reports… was 3,859.99.

answer copy

One person knocked off the 0.7 so got the closest answer with 3,860.

Annie Lawrence you win one of the Jackets – well done!

Out of the 4 who guessed 3860.7… Anna Kylova, Alexander Beggs, Lisa Wotherspoon and Gillian White – Fit Girl picked a random name out of a hat today – and the second winner is…

Gillian White you win the other Jacket – well done!


Anna, Alexander, and Lisa – although you didn’t win the jacket, I have a small surprise prize for each of you.  Annie and Gillian I’ll be in touch soon.

In the meantime, Anna, Alexander and Lisa – if you want to email me to claim your prize, please do and let me know the postal address you’d like me to send it to.

PS: Janice and Liz – round numbers eh?  If only!

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