Comfy spare room / home gym sorted

All of the boxes are away, everything has a place and we now have a multi purpose spare room (minus the boxes). 🙂

Books, scarves, documents, magazines and storage along with a place to dry our hair (hair dryer is cleverly hidden in one of the cupboards) and a nice place to sit and relax / read. Long mirror to dry hair in and watch form from the other side of the room!

And on the other side of the room, it’s the gym side of the room. Squat rack and barbell, 125kg of plates, 3 kettlebells and the rest.

6 more little boxes now up in the loft! Sorted! My car boot is tidier and my clothes cupboard is better organised. A couple of constructive few wee days off I’ve had. 😀

And I’ve even managed to train Sunday, Monday, Tuesday like I said I would! Now Wednesday is strength, Thursday 10 mike run and PT session, Friday rest, Saturday run or rest. 🙂

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