Trainers, trainers everywhere!

Someone was asking me how many pair of trainers I have… ‘Too many’ is probably the correct answer to that question… but can you ever have too many pairs of trainers?

There are 15 here and they are almost all of the trainers I own. I still have my blue mizunos that I wore for my marathon. I can’t face throwing them out, although I really should.

They’re sitting on the decking out the back (annoying Fit Girl who wants them gone!) We will see. I tend to be very brand loyal – and k-Swiss, Saucony, Mizuno, Salomon and Nike feature in my collection.

There’s a pair of slippers in the pics below. So how many? 15 trainers, 2 pairs of slippers… that is maybe my final answer.

In no particular order, here are my trainers. From left to right:

– K-swiss indoor white and yellow comfies.
– K-swiss white and purple comfy every day trainers.
– Nike grey, yellow and pink every day trainers.

– The North Face slippers – ok they’re not shoes, but try Cost as much as them. Very warm and cosy. – Saucony Kinvaras purple and green. My minimalist running trainers. – Saucony Kinvaras pink and yellows.
Another pair of minimalist trainers. To be honest I know I need more support so I don’t tend to wear these running anymore.

My running trainers: Mizuno Wave Inspires (replacements for my trusty Saucony Paramounts – see below!) – Mizuno blue and pinks.
– Mizuno pink, green and blacks.
(I think these ones are my favourites now)
– Mizuno white and blues.

My every day trainers / walking trainers:
– Salomon Speedcross purple and yellows. I walked the west highland way in them, comfy and supportive.
– Salomon red and blacks. My first pair of Salomons. Very comfy walking trainers (work and back and everyday).
– Salomon grey and purples. Comfy every day trainers. I seem to have these on my feet most of the time.

– My first and only pair of racing trainers. Saucony Type 2 trainers complete with holes in the soles to make them lighter. Not good in the Glasgow rain! 😉
– Saucony Paramounts. They don’t make these anymore. They were my first pair of trainers recommended to me by Run 4 It and I’ve had many pairs. I’ve run marathons and thousands of miles in them. I got these very cheap before they were discontinued. Crazy? Perhaps. – Saucony white and reds. Comfy everyday trainers, good for holidays.

I tried on a pair of Nike trainers the other day. They were SO comfy, like slippers for outdoors. I refrained from getting them, but I think after having this wee check, I might just splash out, treat myself and get myself another wee comfy pair for everyday use. 😉

Eeeek! They’re pink and orange ones to make everyone wink. 😉 I’ll let you know if / when I get them!

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1 Response to Trainers, trainers everywhere!

  1. Alexander Beggs says:

    I thought that I was quite bad having 4 pairs of trainers, and looking for a new pair or two for the new Winter season!!!!!!

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