I don’t like bicep curls!

Today I went to the gym for the first time in about 6 months. And I was reminded why I decided to suspend my gym membership and do my workouts at home.

Whilst Fit Girl and I were busy doing super sets of compound movements, with limited rest, a guy in the weights area we were in was doing bicep curl after bicep curl after bicep curl. Yawn!

The odd bicep curl or curl set is ok, mixed in with compound exercises – but it was all this guy was doing – like it was ‘Bicepday’ instead of Monday.

So whilst Fit Girl and I were doing:

KB swings / Sledgehammers
Squats / Clean n Presses
Snatch / Squat Jumps
Chest Presses / Bench Jumps
Clean / Rows / Press ups

…all he did was bicep curls. Jeezo. The only good thing I can say for him is that he was doing them standing up and not sitting down.

Hey ho. So if you’re doing weights, please do compound exercises and work your whole body, not just two muscles!!

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One Response to I don’t like bicep curls!

  1. Alexander Beggs says:

    I got a funny look last week when I went to the gym and started using all the different machines, giving me a whole body workout. There was a couple of blokes doing like you said curl after curl after curl. Must admit I wish that it wasn’t so long since my last session. Ouch!!!

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