My Fit and Fun Camp Week

The last four weeks since I ran my marathon have been a bit of recovery and playtime. I’ve run, rested and lifted weights when I’ve wanted to.

I’ve probably rested and had just enough days off to help recovery without taking the piss. I feel like I’m ready to get back to it.

Now with a week off work, it’s time for Fit Camp… along with a bit of fun and settling into the house. Since we moved in in May, there have been a couple of annoying boxes left and still some things don’t have a place.

When we moved house we said we wouldn’t go on holiday this year (mainly due to the expense if moving etc), so this week is going to be a lazy week with not much travel, just doing things we enjoy and things we don’t get a chance to do because we’re working 9-5. Dentist, give blood, sort stuff.

I’ve also maybe been a bit flexible with my training in the last month so I’m going to spend this week off getting back into my training. Not really doing a lot, but hopefully getting lots done. If that makes sense?

1. Training: Fit Camp for Fit Girl and I. The first thing we’ll do in our days off is a good workout together. Kick start our motivation to workout most days (hopefully as the sun comes up before breakfast).

Sat 19: Rest
Sun 20: 10k run & Swim Teach
Mon 21: Super 8s Strength
Tue 22: 5M run / hills
Wed 23: Super 8s Strength
Thu 24: 10M run, PT Strength
Fri 25: Rest (announce winners of GSR waterproofs)
Sat 26: Run & Strength
Sun 27: PT Run & Swim Teach

2. Organisation: Each day I’ll do something constructive in the house. Be it set up the bookcases in the spare room (done!), tidy my cupboard, get rid of the boxes, sort paperwork, give everything a place, put stuff in the loft. 🙂

3. Fun: We’re not planning on going anywhere (home or abroad), but we want to have some fun. Meet friends/family, go to the cinema, take time out with each other, coffees, lunch out, dinners out, relaxation. 🙂

Looking forward to a good week off with Fit Girl.

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