Great Run Waterproof Jackets Giveaway!

As you most probably know, I was lucky enough to pace at the last two Great Scottish runs in 2012 and 2013.

The nice people from the Great Run group rewarded me with a small blue Great Run waterproof, one for each year.

Blue isn’t really my colour, so I’m offering them up as part of a competition giveaway for my readers / followers. 😉

They’re good quality, thick and double lined Asics waterproofs. And although they are ‘small’ I’d probably say they’re a men’s small, about 21-22 inches across on the front, so maybe 42 inches in size – so they’re not all that ‘small’ after all. 😉

To enter and win one of the waterproofs, I’d like you to guess how many running miles I’ve recorded on my Garmin Connect account since I got my first Garmin in December 2009.

To give you a quite a few clues:
– I’ve been running with my Garmin(s) for just over 3.5 years.
– I’ve recorded 621 hours of running.
– There are 757 run activities on my Garmin account.
– I’ve recorded between 800-1300 miles of running each year.
– my average distance run for each running ‘activity’ is 5.1 miles.
– my fastest recorded speed was (apparently) 7,199mph!
– my average running speed was 6.2mph.
– my longest distance run was 33.33 miles.

To enter the competition to win one of the waterproof jackets, comment below with your guess / entry, or post it on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page:
Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page

– You have to be a Liker of this page, or a follower of to enter and win. 🙂

The two people with the closest guess to what my running miles recorded with my Garmin(s) on Garmin Connect, will win a small Great Run waterproof! 🙂

I’ll contact you back, get your address and post it out to you. I’ll stop taking entries on Friday 25th October at 6pm and I’ll announce the winners after that. 🙂

Finally, here are the rules of my giveaway:

– You must be a follower of or a liker of my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page  to enter.
– One entry per person.
– Your first answer is final.
– The two jackets are slightly different.
– If you win, the jacket you win will be random.
– I’ll pay for the postage to you, but I’ll only post to UK addresses I’m afraid.
– Closing date / time: Friday 25th October 6pm GMT.
– distance guessed should be in miles.
– This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook or the Great Run brand.
– Winner/s will be selected based on their guess being closest to the number of miles recorded on my Garmin Connect as at Friday 18th October 2013.
– If multiple people guess the number or the same number (within 1 mile), the two people who win will be picked randomly (out of a hat by Fit Girl).
– Open to UK & Ireland residents only.

Good luck! 🙂

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13 Responses to Great Run Waterproof Jackets Giveaway!

  1. I guess 3,870 miles can I do a do another guess if I try work it out more lol x

  2. Alexander Beggs says:

    I reckon that you’ve ran 3860.7 miles

  3. remberbuck says:

    Hi Lorn,
    I got my waterproof for doing the X Country at Holyrood in January
    – sadly not event specific like yours – so I’m not going to be greedy, but you’ve made a generous offer – hope you get loads of entries.

  4. Liz Crossley says:

    1,000’s according to my son …more specifically 5oo5 miles he seemed to think you wouldn’t have a .5 in any run

  5. Gillian White says:

    My maths makes it 3860.7m too…fingers crossed, as it’s looking rather dreich out there!

  6. 4,624 miles – no point anything, cos you are pernickity and would want to round it all up to the next mile (I agree on that point with Liz Crossley’s son) 🙂

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