Ping! 2:36am again.

So I’m busy at work and on leave for a week as of Friday. I’ve got lots to do and lots is happening. As a result, I woke bright as a button last night at about 2:24am. Roll on 2:36am and I thought, sod this, I’m getting up to ‘dump’ all of my thoughts that are preventing me from sleeping.

Luckily I wasn’t worried or upset, but obviously something was telling me I needed to be awake. So I got up and wrote it all down.

I sent myself an email to work with headers of all the stuff I have to do before Friday. And if I can’t do them, they’ll be written down and in a handover.

I was up for just over an hour, then I went back to bed and tried to think about good things. About a route I’m planing on doing, plotting it out in my mind bit by bit and about what we’re going to do with our week off.

I got back to bed at about 4am, and to sleep about 4:30 or 5am. The plan was to run this morning, but sleep is more important. All in all I got 4.5 hrs up to when I woke up, plus about 2.5-3 hrs = 7-7.5hrs, so that’s pretty good.

I tell myself I don’t worry and not to stress, but maybe I do just a little.

Then I remind myself I can only do what I can do, and not to worry. I felt good after work yesterday and a run with Fit Girl was just what the Dr ordered to take the day away. I hate the thought of people worrying – it’s like a rocking chair, you go back and fore, but get no where!

After seeing this this morning I sort of wished I’d got up for a run, but maybe I’ll do an easy one tonight if I’m feeling good after work. 🙂

Today will be very productive. I’m up early and I’ll get my cape on. I’ve sent my list to work and I’m going to get through it, bit by bit. 🙂 no stress, no worry, just work work work. Then I’ll walk home with the moon in the sky and a smile on my face and maybe treat the streets of Glasgow to my presence if it’s lucky. 😉

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