This weeks training

So here’s my training plan for this week:

Mon: Super 8s Strength
Tue: 4.5M Easy Run
Wed: Super 8s Strength (or rest)
Thu: 45 mins Speedwork
10, 15 x 1:1, 5. AM
PT Strength PM.
Fri: Long Run
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

It may need to be tweaked a little as I’ve managed to ping a nerve in my neck this morning somehow. So now it nips every time I look up it right. Not ideal. :-/

But my experience of these ‘nips’ are that they ease off after a bit. And if they don’t, then I’ll need to listen (to my body) and rest some more. Lol. It might be a good time / opportunity to give blood if I’m resting.

I’m up early on Tuesday for an easy run and we’ll see how I get on for the rest of the week. I aim to do all if my own training in the mornings and I have Super Fit But for PT Strength on Thursday night.

This coming weekend I knock off for a week of annual leave (with not much planned), so it’ll be good to relax and do some nice stuff with Fit Girl.


Oh and last thing, today I got my annual letter from none other than Bridget McConnel, Chief Executive of Glasgow Life. For another years service to Glasgow Life with 100% attendance / no time off for sickness. That’ll be my 11th full year with them with no sick leave. 🙂

It is a bit of a cheat as I am only contracted for 44 days a year (198 hours) less a few days I get as leave, but it’s still another year in the bag with full attendance. 🙂

That’ll do. 🙂 I love my job. (Apart from when little 4 and three quarter year olds crack their forehead off the poolside after I’ve asked them to jump up and down in the pool in my class, like one did last night! – poor wee thing she was doing so well too!) oops. Not good!

Hopefully she’ll be back so I can look after her for a few years and make her into a great wee swimmer!

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