Wk40 – 3 weeks into recovery

Last week was another easy ‘recovery week’. I had loosely planned a few runs and a few strength sessions, but I did hardly anything: a run, a strength session, some walking and a PT session.

After the 10k and GSR on Sunday, I had a busy day, teaching swimming. Then on Monday I appeared to break myself with my first strength session for about 6 weeks.

Then for most of the rest of the week, I was pretty sore. Sore everything up to about Wednesday – so much so people were asking me what if done to myself lol. My legs were as sore as after I’d run the marathon. That’s what 41kg squats does for me. Then followed three days of rest and walking before I forced myself out for a good run with Eileen from work on Friday.

Eileen is running the Amsterdam marathon and is going to do really well. She’s trained well for it and is mentally ready for it too. I think we can expect great things from her.

Work has sort of been getting in the way a bit : it’s very busy right now, and on Tuesday and Wednesday I was in early to prep instead of exercising. Wednesday was a trip to Stirling (on the train) with work too. Friday I was in LATE after putting my run in a more important place. Lucky it’s flexible at work. 🙂

Last weekend we were out on Saturday for lunch, and apparently Fit Girl thought I looked like this cartoon. 😉 ha ha

I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy this week, but the truth is (and in the back of my mind I know this is what it is) I’m using this time as another week of recovery. I’m still not quite right after the marathon. Sore calves after an easy 7 miler on Friday for example.

I think people are sometimes too quick to rush back into training after doing marathons, so I’m trying to listen to my body and ease myself in.  (Either that or I’m being lazy and enjoying my lie ins!)  😉

And my sleep has been less than I’d have wanted. Up late a few nights and only getting about 4-7 hours a night.

On sleep, there was a good programme on BBC2 on Thursday night called ‘Trust me I’m a doctor’ with a bit about sleep and about a few other nuggets too. Worry a watch on iPlayer in the next few weeks or so.

Anyway, last week for me, looked like this:

Mon: Strength
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest (travel with work)
Thu: PT Strength session with Super Fit Bit
Fri: 7.1 mile run
Sat: Rest
Sun: Run

I’m planning on increasing my sleep, activity and improving my ability to get up to train in the mornings next week. I’ll post later about that. But in the meantime I’ll leave you with this:

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