I must still ‘look like a runner’

I went into my local Spar for some secret chocolate for after lunch (sssshhhh don’t tell anyone) and the guy serving me said:

‘Did you do the 10k or the marathon?’

A bit surprised, I almost said, yes I did a marathon a few weeks ago, how did you know?

But then I realised he was probably talking about the GSR so I told him I’d paced at the 10k.

Then he said he’d done his first 10k in 52 minutes… I praised him for a job well done and then I noticed he was proudly wearing his ‘Finisher tshirt’.

Then he started asking me about running clubs and it went on from there.

I recommended the Bella Harriers or the Glasgow Running Network depending on what level he wanted to start at. And I also gave him my card for my blog. ;-P

I’ve posted about people knowing I’m a runner before. When I’m in my casual gear, but not my sports / running gear. My salomons and my runners physique must give it away! 😉 I must still look like a runner! Funny. 😉

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1 Response to I must still ‘look like a runner’

  1. sean bradley says:

    You cant beat a bit of choc in the afternoon…the sugar and energy levels always drop around about 230pm!

    The running community is brilliant and ur blog proves that running is for everyone…

    Next organised timed run im doin is this sat at cramond for the edinburgh 5k parkrun at 930…..its a great event and really well organised…a bit of a calvery charge along the cramond coast…flat but can be a wee bit windy from the forth….


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