This is what it’s all about

This is what it’s all about. I met and talked to lots of runners yesterday. Sean was one of the ones who ran with me from the start line, and then he overtook me close to the end.

He was a little nervous as he was doing his first 10k. He was sort of doubting himself and wasn’t sure of how he’d get on.

Sean maybe thought he’d run it in about 55 minutes. He said he’d done 5k in just under 25 minutes last week, to I tapped him shoulder and let him know that I was pretty sure he could do it in under 50 minutes. 🙂 And he did. Great stuff and very impressive.

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  1. sean bradley says:

    Hii….just a wee update…

    my chip time was 49.33….was a pure scunner cos when I was running up the long run in I could see the event clock clickin towards 50mins so I sped up and was so disppointed when it clicked over to 50mins….what a numpty i was cos I didnt take account that it too 40secs for us to cross the start line…

    ..ohh…and my pb for the 5k was actually 26.40 so when you got us to the 5km mark just under 25 I was happy I beat my pb by 2mins…you then went on a bit from me but I remember u sayin you were going to run steady so I kept tellin myself to keep running steady and I could still see u about 50 yrds in front…

    ..brill thanks and id encourage everyone to give lorn some feedback on here…cheers.

    one last thing…when I was running onto the finish I heard a guy say to his partner who I think was strugglin that you were beside them and for her to keep goin which really was great cos if u werent there then he would be able to do that….

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