Great Scottish Run 2013 – Pacing the 10k!

Well that was great fun. Today I paced at the Great Scottish Run 10k and had a great time!

My job was to pace it in 50 minutes, and I helped lots of people run it in under / around 50 minutes.

I walked into Glasgow Green for about 8am and randomly met Greg from my home town and year in school… random but nice. He was hoping to run it faster than 50, so I’d maybe see him later.

Here’s me outside the Marshall’s tent in Glasgow Green. After picking up my Pacer gear, I went up to George Square and got ready to run.

10k – 50 minute pacing
At the start line in George Square met a few people I’d helped pace before – Ruth and Eilidh, and Gill and Martin ran with me too. I walked from the back of the crowd to not far from the front so that as many people as possible could see me as a possible target to stick with. I met Rona who reads my blog – hello Rona – nice to meet you!

Before we started, I met and chatted to Andy who stuck with me the whole way, Paul who overtook me at about 8 or 9k, Sean who said he was sort of aiming for 55 and smashed it by over taking me and finishing confidently in under 50 minutes! 🙂

I met John, and Fergus, Victoria, Alexander and another John and many many more, Mark who lost me at about 5 or 6k but who did really well in finishing in about 52 minutes. I joked as I was running down Finneston Street just after the start…. ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve had so many men chasing after me like this!’

I also kept telling everyone that they were not hills they were seeing …. ‘It was FLAT, and if they looked down and didn’t think it was a hill, It would be fine!’. Mind over matter. 🙂

The afore mentioned Greg smashed his 10k and finished in just under 46 minutes. 🙂 Just about half a mile in he was just ahead of me so I shouted at him to run faster and he did. 😛 Well done Greg!

Here’s Greg after he finished. 🙂 Thumbs up!

Half Marathon
After the run, I walked home and then went to the 8 mile mark of the Half Marathon and saw quite a few of you as you ran your half marathon. Louise, Stuart, Wendy, Claire, Joanne, Susan, Suleman, Emma. Little Freya Ross breezed past me just after mile 8 – race face ON. 😉

Anyway, if I met you today I hope I helped. You did great and I feel privileged to have been able to help so many of you. 🙂

My Garmin time was 50 minutes bang on… and my chip time was 50:02.

The results for both races are published online here.
You can see the BBC coverage of the half marathon on IPlayer.
And you’ll be able to see photos on Marathon Photos or on here.

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Once again, well done to everyone who took part today – you did great!

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8 Responses to Great Scottish Run 2013 – Pacing the 10k!

  1. sean bradley says:

    Hey….thank you for a brilliant day.

    You were really motivational and its just fantastic you took time out to talk to and encourage people like me.

    Thanks again x


    • lornpearson says:

      Hi Sean. Thanks for looking me up. 🙂 it was great to meet and chat to you. You did brilliantly. When you said you weren’t sure how you’d get on I thought, ‘he’ll be able to do 50 minutes easily’. 🙂 so well done.

  2. Paul Collins says:


    Just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday, your pacing & encouragement were excellent. New PB of 49:13, at 47 & only starting to run in June this year, quite proud of myself!

    There’s a great photo of us all at the Hydro in the Evening Times today.


    Paul…or is it Dave ;0)

    • lornpearson says:

      Great stuff Paul! 😀 It was when we were running along Clyde Street and I said to Andy – Where is Paul? And he pointed away ahead… how proud I was of you! 🙂 Well done. Must get myself an Evening Times!

      • Paul Collins says:

        Even though it has all us gorgeous folk in it ;0)…having the Hydro as a backdrop makes it better again. Going to order a print from them. It’s on pages 2/3.

  3. mark says:

    great pacing from you and the 45min pacer; i was aiming to do it in 45mins so got a fright when i saw you ahead of me at the 2k i probably started maybe a minute or two after the gun went off. Eventually done it in 43mins after getting just ahead of the 45 pacer probably wouldnt have done it without the visual of the pacers.

    • lornpearson says:

      Hi Mark. That’s great, well done on your time! The 45 minute pacer David went past me just after we went onto the Express Way. Well done for catching and overtaking him (and me!). 🙂

      it’s great to be able help pace. I’ve done it at 4 events now, and I’ll hopefully be doing it for many events to come. 🙂

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