More rest and recovery required

Rest and recovery tends to be ignored by many. However in the last few years, (be it me getting older, more tired and maybe more sensible), I’ve taken care to take more rest and recovery than I normally would have.

The book below suggests that you should have one days rest for each mile of a race you’ve trained for and competed in. If that were right, I’d have 26 days off exercise after my marathon, 13 days off after a half and 6 days off after a 10k.

I do get the authors point, and it’s a good book, but I think you can tell how much rest you need and tailor it accordingly. I’m not sure that you need that much rest.

Maybe 26 days off active training for an event would be healthy, with unplanned exercise to keep you giving over once you feel you’ve recovered would work.

How do you know if you’ve had enough recovery, before starting training again?
In the last week, after my marathon in Saturday, I’ve mainly rested, but here are some of the things which let me know I’m still not fully recovered:

– I’ve had sore muscles (calves, quads, shoulders, back, feet) – which appear to be all better now.
– I’ve had a recurring niggle akin to plantar fasciitis which is just letting me know its there.
– I’ve been really tired all week.
– I’ve hands few nights where I’ve woken up and not been able to get to sleep for a few hours.
– I’ve been really hungry.

5k run: how did it feel?
And then on Friday morning, after 4 mornings lying in bed, I got up for a run. And it was hard.

– Tight chest.
– Tight calves.
– High heart rate.
– Slow running (compared to normal).
– Wondering when it would end (from less than a mile in)

That’s what I felt during the easy 5k run – after a whole 4 days rest. 5 days after doing the marathon, my body feels ok, but I know I still need some more recovery because of how hard a little easy 5k was on Friday morning.

Although my muscles and niggle seen ok, I’m still tired, bit quite right and in need of some more rest I think!

I know because of how my body reacted to an easy run. Here’s a quick comparison, just using my heart rate and how I felt.

Sat 21/09/13
26.2 miles, pace 7:58.
Avg HR 165, Max HR 187.
Felt like I was flying. It got hard at points but felt great overall.

Fri 27/09/13
3.1 miles, pace 9:00
Avg HR 163, Max HR 199.
Felt really slow and tired, hard work, never ending.

It just goes to show how hard doing a marathon and pushing yourself to the limits can be. My body is recovering, but it’s not quite there yet I think.

It’s all quite good really because I feel like I can lie in and not do any planned activity, and not feel guilty about it. 🙂 I’ve been plenty active though: walking places and taking the stairs lots. All I’d which I think has helped aid my recovery.

I don’t want to risk injury, over training or bring unwell, so rest and unplanned exercise it will be going forward for a week or so.

Last week: recovery time
Here what I did last week and how I felt:

Sat: Marathon, 26.2 miles in 3:28:51.
Pace 7:58 min miles.
Avg HR 165, Max HR 187.
Tired after it, but buzzed up.
Ate lots and had a 2 hr nap.

Sun: 6 easy miles (PT coaching), 1:05.
Pace 10:53 min miles
Avg HR 129 Max HR 141
4 hours of swimming teaching.
Legs felt tight but I felt ok. V Tired.
Woke up for 2 hrs during the night.

Mon: Rest day
Walked to work and back.
Took the stairs plenty.
Sore calves, quads.

Tue: Rest day
Walked to work and back.
Took the stairs plenty.
Muscles getting better.
PT coaching chat at night.
Then all over massage from Clare at Fitness Therapy Glasgow

Fitness Therapy Glasgow have a new Clinic clinic called Clinic 21. Based at Rutland Crescent in the Southside of Glasgow it’s run by two good friends, one if whom, Clare is a colleague of mine from swimming teaching. They do deep tissue massage and the place is really well kitted out. I’d highly recommend it. 🙂 google them or find them in Facebook. 🙂

Back to my week:

Wed: Rest day
Walked to work and back.
Took the stairs plenty.
Still tired, but getting there.

Thu: Rest day
Drove to work then drive to Inverness for work.
Got stuck in standstill traffic for 2 hours.
Could have done with a nap!

Fri: 5k run
5k run before work.
Walked to work and back.
Took the stairs plenty.
Sore calves, quads.

Sat: Rest day
Walking and driving

Sun: Rest day
Swimming teaching

So after a week off planned exercise, next week will no doubt be the same.

No plan, just lots of sleep and eating, and maybe the odd strength workout to get me back into it in time for the following week. 🙂 I’ll also maybe give blood at sone point in the next few weeks in my down time from lots of exercise.

Oh and I’d better do a practice run for the GSR 10k that I’m pacing 50 minutes for on the 6th October!

What do you do to recover?
Do you take enough time out to recover?

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