Fluctuations up and down

Here are a few numbers to show just how much your (my) weight can fluctuate and why the scale sometimes isn’t the best measure.

Before I ran my marathon (Saturday 22nd) weighed myself.

I was 124lbs,
20.5% body fat,
58% water,
BMI 20.

Directly after my marathon, and after I drank and ate lots (5 hrs later on Saturday 22nd):

I was an astounding: 130lbs,
22.5% body fat,
57% water,
BMI 21.7.

:-O and I thought exercise was meant to help you lose weight! 😉

Now 5 days later (Thursday 26th) after plenty of rest, and never seeking to be able to eat enough not to be hungry:

I am now: 122lbs,
19.8% body fat,
58.5% water,
BMI 19.8!

Quite a fluctuation eh?

Running long seems to be the best way for me to maintain my weight.

It allows me (or even forces me) to eat what I want and run fast, as I’m very close to my Racing Weight of 120lbs. 🙂

Now. What’s for breakfast?

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