Pace 50 mins at the GSR

I mentioned a week or so ago that I’m going to be a pacer at the Great Scottish Run on the 6th October. (Two people searched on ‘Lorn pace maker’ today and got to my blog… Hello if it was you! 🙂

I was going to pace 55 minutes, but I got in touch with them and offered to pace 50 minutes instead as I’ve dove it twice before and hopefully I can pace for the same people I did for each 10k. 🙂

When I paced the women’s 10k for the second time this year I surprised as to how many women who’d run with me the first year cake to find me the second year too. It was great to meet them and help them again.

So this year, at the Great Scottish Run 10k, if you want to run 10k in 50 minutes, keep an eye out for me and I’ll be more than happy to help. I’ll be running the race in 50 minutes dead on and I’ll be happy to help you do similar.

Motivation and positivity will be seeping out if me too so hopefully that will help you as you push yourself to your limits! 🙂

On another note – look at this rather interesting colour scheme the people at GSR chose for one of the colour waves. Oops. Not a very good colours choice / layout for half of Glasgow! Too late now!

Good luck Janice 20189 who’s doing to 10k on the 6th! (And to anyone else who us running on the day).

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2 Responses to Pace 50 mins at the GSR

  1. pacing at the half Lorn a wee bit slower than last year possibly doing 1.50 but looking forward to it once again

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