Day 2 Recovery

Day 2 after my marathon and I’m getting there.

I thought I’d be better off taking / need to take the lift today in work, but I managed up and down the stairs ok (if with a bit if a wiggle in the way down.)

The pain is easing and the walking I’ve done today to work, in and around work and home from work, has seemed to help.

My two blisters are healing and I’m getting there. I have my massage on Tuesday night which will hopefully help.

One thing I have noticed is that I’ve been extra hungry. I burned just over 2100 calories on the run, and who knows how many afterwards.

So I’m keeping on eating plenty, and drinking lots too.

The last after effect aside from the muscle soreness, couple of blisters and excess hunger, is tiredness

I’m finding that in tired. Physically and mentally. I was busy at work today, remained focused and got LOTS done. Although I was a little tongue twisted at points and clearly not my usual wide awake self.

I noticed on and after the run that I didn’t get blurry vision that I’d had before which is good. I must have fuelled and hydrated correctly. But now I’m feeling tired and I can feel my vision deteriorating.

On Saturday night j got a good sleep, but on Sunday night I slept between 1030pm – 1am and from 4am – 7am after I got up when I couldn’t get back to sleep. So roughly 6 hours sleep which isn’t ideal. Too many thoughts, preventing me sleep. And pain in my
muscles waking me up.

Lying in bed, my body was throbbing and hot at one point: all in the name of a marathon PB! (Although it was very nice telling my colleagues about my achievement, today!).

I’m well tired tonight, and winding down well, so fingers crossed I’ll get a good sleep tonight and a good lie in tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll be close to getting back to normal soon. Still no running, but plenty of recovery.

Sleep + rest + food + water = Recovery.

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