My Glasgow Marathon = My Lifetime PB :-D

Today, Saturday 21st September 2013, I ran my Glasgow Marathon.

I had a great run, all over Glasgow. I pushed hard, had fun, winked at an old man, had my cape on, nearly got tripped up by a little dog, flew down the hills, pushed up the hills, ran to my heart rate (165) and finished 10 minutes faster than I’ve ever run a marathon before.
(I’ve run 6 marathons and 4 ultra distances in total).

Here’s me at the end. I feel like I really nailed running to my limits using my heart rate as a guide. It’s an amazing feeling to have run so well, used my grit, determination and cape to hang on in there and get a great PB.

26.2 miles, 10,000 Nike Fuel points earned. 3:28:15. Average pace: 7:58.
Average heart rate 87%, max heart rate 99%, Garmin Training Effect: 5.0.
5 Glasgow parks: Festival, Kelvingrove, Queens, Pollok and Bellahouston Park.
Fastest speed 15.9mph (down a hill no doubt). Hardest mile: mile 24.
Lots of walking, stretching, a milkshake, food and water and a nap to help aid my recovery.

Here’s the Garmin link:


I’ll write more about it soon, in the meantime, I’m going to recover and relax!

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6 Responses to My Glasgow Marathon = My Lifetime PB :-D

  1. Julie says:

    I watch and read quietly from Abu Dhabi (found you on a 10 month stint in Ayrshire at an all-time personal low). You are an inspiration and a grounded one I can relate to!!! Well done, from Julie

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  3. Annie Craik says:

    Well done Lorn, true grit …….. Brilliant uplfting loved the blog x

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