Lurgy is possibly here

I was thinking the other day, I’ve been feeling really good lately. I must be doing something right, I can’t even remember theist time I had a cold.

Then last night after our PT session with Super Fit Bit I was at home and sneezed and noticed that unusual but familiar sore throat feeling. The one that starts in the back of your nose and you know it’s more than likely going to travel into your throat.

So I’ve take paracetamol this morning, and plenty of water to see if I can shift it. Nose is staring to get bunged up, but I promise I’ll try not to moan too much. There’s nothing worse than someone complaining about a pishy little cold. Pills, water, rest usually helps.

So instead of a strength session this morning, I’m having a lie in and then I have a nice easy (7 mile) run tonight. Which along with the pills, water, good food and rest will hopefully scare it off within a few days? 🙂

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