Food prep Monday

Here’s my food prep I did today (which will last me to Friday):

For breakfast we have:
Strawberries, melon and blueberries (which will be served with scrambled eggs and pine nuts).

For snacks and extras to go with meals we have:
– Peas, cucumber and feta cheese.
– Chopped up onion, chopped up peppers.
– Cheese

… And chocolate protein balls …

For lunch we have:
(All chopped up);
– Cherry tomatoes
– Cucumber
– Orange pepper
– Green peas (still in their pods, chopped up)
– Chilli chicken
– Red onion
– Capers
– Lemon juice
(Going to add some flaked almonds and extra virgin olive oil each day I have them)

I’ll also have snacks of:
– Greek yoghurt, oats and berries.
– Strawberries and peanut butter
– Cashew Nuts
– Mocha protein drink
– Bananas
And plenty of water.

I’m aiming to eat as follows:

– 8am : big breakfast, eggs and fruit, and mocha protein shake and water
– 9am : water
– 12 : mocha protein shake and water
– 2pm : chicken box, strawberries and peanut butter for sweet and water
– 4pm : Greek yoghurt, oats and berries
– 5pm : protein ball and water (or maybe a banana prep for workout after work)
– 8pm : dinner of meat / fish and veg and water.
(No more snacks!!)


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