Wk33 – 24.2M long run in the rain

I wasn’t sure if doing an express strength workout yesterday was such a good idea the day before I planned to run a long 23 mile run… but I did it on Friday lunchtime, so I had to deal with the aftermath today.

On Friday lunchtime I was squatting 53.5kg, lifting a 15kg plate in a sledgehammer movement, clean n pressing a 12kg Kettlebell and dead lifting around 40kg. All in a 50 minute lunchtime workout.

Saturday morning I woke up a little tender in my back and legs. I’d planned to run 18 miles with Eileen at around 8 and wanted to run about 23 miles so got up early to do about 5 miles before I met her. It would be Eileen’s longest run to date. She did 15.5 last weekend, and has 8 weeks I think to go until the Amsterdam marathon. She’s running very well and will do it no bother.

Up to Queens Park and back, I thought I’d experiment with running with my heart rate between 150 – 160. 150 is comfortable, 160 is getting hard. I finished in around 40 minutes and was looking forward to the next 18 miles with Eileen.

I had breakfast of eggs, berries and a chopped up banana, along with water and a mocha protein shake. More than I’d usually consume before a run, but I wanted to test something. I wanted to see how I’d go without taking on any or much energy as I ran.

After the first 5 miles I had a small handful of cashew nuts then after that I had no food or energy until after I stopped running. I did drink around about a litre and a half of water (i drank my water pack dry). But I felt fine on it.

My legs were a bit sore running from the squats the day before but I felt ok. Rain was promised, and it was delivered. Not so much in the early part of the run, but am hour from the end it was raining heavily. I was fine as I had my waterproof gillet, waterproof skin and my cap on – it did a good job of keeping the rain out of my eyes.

My feet were soaked through, but the gillet kept my torso dry and warm. Love it. I was running with Eileen with my HR at about 144 for most of the way, until closer to the end when it went up to about 150.

We finished at the BBC and I’d run 23.8 miles, another 0.4 miles to home and I’d run 24.2 miles. I could have run another 2 miles to do a marathon but in saving that for a few weeks time when I plan to do a full marathon. Maybe on the 6th of September if I’m lucky. Just need to get a good route sorted and do a few more not too long runs. 🙂

As soon as I stopped running I walked for a bit, and ate a banana I’d carried all the way. A for goodness shakes milkshake and some stretching as soon as I got in, some water, a good shower then we went out for lunch and I had the above very tasty slab of meat.

I managed the run fine fuelled on my breakfast and seemed to manage to burn fat and not bonk at any point due to lack of energy which was good.

Now I’m Feeling good and not too sore. My legs are a bit sore, but I can’t decide if my legs are sore from the squats or the run today. :-S Two days rest due for me I think, Sun and Mon. 🙂

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