I didn’t eat enough today!

Most of you who know me or follow me on here will know that I eat regularly (and try to eat well when I can). I like to prepare my food and have it available for when I need it. I drink plenty of water, exercise a lot and rarely get headaches.

In fact the other day, I noticed (and boasted) that I hadn’t had a headache for months. Fast forward to today, and I have the headache from hell. What gives?

Today I was lucky enough to be a guest at BBC Radio Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe. I was up earlier than normal to get a train through to Edinburgh, had my usual filling breakfast of eggs, berries and mocha drink along with some water, vitamins and omega threes.

I took my lunch and prepared food with me, and my 24oz bottle of water that was refilled twice in the day.

All in all I had my lunch bowl, my Greek yoghurt oats and berries, nuts and melon with me, along with another mocha drink – all in my bag ready to be eaten: all day long!

I walked (25 mins) to the train station, walked around at lunchtime and walked home from the train station. In between I watched MacAulay and Co with Fred MacAulay and Susan Calman go out in the morning, had lunch and then watched The Culture Show with Janice Forsyth go out.

And at about 3pm I started to get a bit of a sore head. I’d drunk quite a lot of water, and was ok up to about 2pm, but after that I had the Mother of all headaches!

So where did I go wrong?

I didn’t eat my prepared food.
I went for the easy option.
I had an egg mayo roll because it was easy and it was about the only thing on offer. I had water too, and my mocha drink.
But I didn’t touch any of my prepared food.
I ate what others ate, even though I wouldn’t normally touch or choose to eat a roll.
Even on the train, I was sitting with a girl from work, so didn’t eat what I wanted to.

At home, at around 6pm, with a very sore head, (as if it were medicine of some sort) I ended up eating the lot:

Chicken box
Greek yoghurt, oats and berries

And I finished off with 2 x 400mg ibuprofen to see if that would help clear it. Put simply. I didn’t eat enough, and what I did eat was crap!

Back to normality tomorrow (eating every 3-4 hrs). 🙂

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