The Men Who Made Us Thin: quotes

My favourite quotes from ‘The Men who made us Thin’ tonight, BBC2, 9pm:

> ‘The diet industry is bigger than ever, and despite all of the evidence we can’t resist our addiction to diets. Buying into a myth that we’ll end up thin.’ >

> ‘Diets don’t work, people always have to come back to do them, so weight watchers is a brilliant business model.’ >

> ‘Slim fast: the main ingredient is sugar.’

And my favourite quotes:

> ‘If we could just get people to focus on being healthy, and not being a weight, as what they’re striving for, we’d be a lot better off in every way.’ >

> ‘The only thing that makes sense is to look at your diet, look at your activity levels and say, ok, would I be a healthier, happier person if I ate a more balanced diet? Would I be happier if I exercised 3-4 times a week?

> The answer to all of those questions us probably yes. That should be what we’re asking ourselves, not how can I make the scale show a smaller number.’

As mentioned in an earlier post, if you missed it you can watch it on BBC iPlayer, or look out for next weeks episode next Thursday at 9pm.

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