Wk30: 21M in Sunny Glasgow

I’d planned to run 18 miles today after doing and unplanned 15.35 miles / 2 hrs last week, and the unplanned theme continued this week when 18 turned into 21 miles / 3 hrs. 🙂

I forced some scrambled eggs and berries along with a protein shake with ground coffee in it, down my throat at around 6:30am, then just before 7am I headed out for around 7 miles up to Kelvingrove and Buchanan St.

There’s something nice in running through Glasgow, through the main streets which are almost empty of people, so early in the morning. It’s like they’re my streets and I own them. 😉

I met Eileen at 8am at the BBC. And stopped for a pee stop and to get more water in my pack. I had a handful of cashews too. I’d planned just over 11.4 miles, but straight away I was chatting and I forgot the start of the planned route, so I kind of improvised from then on.

I was showing Eileen some routes from work, up to Pollok and Bella park and when we got to about 11 miles in she said she felt good to do 12. Then I suggested we might do a bit more than 12 (19 for me) and she was up for it.

So by the time we got back to the BBC, we’d done almost 13 and we rounded it up to a good half marathon. And a pb for her (11 mins off her previous half distance!). Great running. She was nice and comfy throughout and finished string and happy. If she’s running any longer I’d hope she starts to think more about hydration and energy.

All in all a good run for me. 21 miles in a little over 3 hours. And the best bit my avg heart rate was just below 150 (my ideal / effective HR Zone is 150-160). Garmin training effect 3.9. So some left in the tank for me.

I did say a bit of a funny thing, I said that I’m kind of at the mental point where I can deal with anything you throw at me. As long as I’m prepared, and have water and have trained right, and my body holds out.

I honestly think I can go on and on running. I could have run another 5 or 6 miles today if Eileen had said, I want to do 19. It’s a weird feeling, but great too (and I’m glad I stuck to 21!). Self belief, and Mind over matter is an amazing thing.

Afterwards I had a Forgoodness shakes chocolate milkshake with some more ground azuro coffee mixed in, and some water too. Lots of stretching too, and a nice hot shower. 🙂

Here’s the Garmin link:

Great tuning by Eileen, with a massive pb and I look forward to more runs with her when she too will hopefully gain the bundles of self belief and mind over matter super powers I’ve seemed to accumulated over the years. 🙂

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