Wk30 – Run day: 2 very different runs

Tonight the plan was, after work, run to Bella (possibly in the rain which was forecast)… do some speedwork and get to Bella for 18:15 in time for Spinfit to see if there were any spare Spin bikes.

There ended up not being any spin bikes, so after my speed work run (number 1), I recovered for a bit inside Bella (and ended up just sweating a lot inside), then did a recovery run back to work (for my bag and stuff I’d left there).

RUN 1: Speedwork: 11 min warm up, 15 x 1 min fast: 1 min recovery, cool down.

An easy run to Bellahouston Park, then when I got there my pre set Garmin Interval Workout kicked in. 15 intervals – 1 minute fast sprints, followed by 1 minute recovery jogs.  It didn’t matter where I ran as long as I tried to stay on flat ground to make it easier.

Run1 table

By the 2nd or 3rd sprint, I was thinking to myself I could take an extra recovery on each 5th interval.  Then I thought I could take the 8th interval (half way) as a recovery…. but I kept going.  Mind over matter, I knew I could keep going – running as fast as I could on the sprints and what felt like slow jogs on the recovery.

is this kid eating sand?? ;-)

I was running about 250m on the sprints, and 180m on the recoveries.  After the last one, I jogged back to Bella, and stopped my Garmin at 45 minutes: 5.8 miles / an average of 7.7 miles per hour.  Pretty wee graph too. 🙂 ( I swear the fact I’m going to make a pretty looking graph at the end of it keeps me going).

I didn’t really care about my pace or heart rate when I was doing it, but looking back I’m pleased with how it went.  4.5 on the Garmin Training Effect and it was a HARD run. Garmin link here: Wk30: 1 of 2 – 5.8M 15 x 1:1 speedwork.


RUN 2: Easy run with only aim to keep heart rate below 140.

After doing the speedwork hard efforts… I was pretty much gubbed. The thought of doing spinfit wasn’t the most appealing thing to do, as you almost have to push yourself in that class too.  Luckily for me there wasn’t a bike for me.  So I decided I would try something I’d tasked Super Fit Bit to do.

I asked my PT client Super Fit Bit to run with her heart rate below 140 if she could.  So I thought I’d do it too.  140 is 75% of my max heart rate, so anything below it, is classed as an easy / fat burning / aerobic run for me.

RUN2 table

I started out with a rather pleasing 130-135… and it slowly crept up, but I lowered my pace and my heart rate dropped accordingly.  It’s such a good feeling being able to run like that and know exactly what my heart rate is based on how I feel.

Pace was out the window – I wasn’t even thinking about it.  I had my Garmin screen turned to show heart rate, time and garmin training effect, so pace wasn’t even on the radar for me.  I knew I wasn’t pushing it and I knew I wasn’t going as fast as I could.


I couldn’t even tell how far I was running, but I had an idea that my route would take me over around 5 and a half miles back to the BBC to pick up my stuff. 🙂 I felt great on my second run, and loved how I was able to not only run at a comfortable easy pace and take everything, but I was able to estimate the distance of a route back to work.

For some reason the map / graphs arent able to be added to the page, I’ll try again tomorrow – if you want to see them, click the Garmin link below:

Garmin Training Effect: 2.9, Garmin Link here: Wk30: 2 of 2: 5.7 miles 52 mins, HR under 140.

If you want to know more about running to your heart rate – go here.

Totals for today: 11.5 miles / 1:37 hours running.
Approx 1 mile walk to and from work, 20 mins.

The end to a great sunny day for me
thunderstormsOh and to top things off, to make this a really good day, I received a rather unexpected and appreciated wee bonus at work today for all of my effort and extra effort in the last year or so.  😀

I think I’m going to buy a 16kg kettlebell with some of it and spend the rest on I don’t know what!  🙂

Thunderstorms today?  Not in my world.   🙂
My life is very sunny indeed – is yours?

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