Pyramid Crazy Intense Circuits wi Super Fit Bit

Tonight I met up with Super Fit Bit for her second strength workout / coaching session with me.  It ended up being 47 minutes of hard work and sweat:  10 minutes of warm up, then 2 x pyramid workouts (14 minutes each – 4 exercises each) and 2 minutes of sprints to finish.



The timings for the warm up were 30 secs work: 15 secs rest.
Then the pyramids were 30 secs of each exercise, with 30 seconds rest after each line.
(read the lines horizontally).

The whole thing took 47 minutes, so it meant we had 7 minutes of rest in between the circuits – but we were chatting mostly, so it didn’t really feel like rest – if that makes sense.

I think Super Fit Bit was close to battering me (or hating me) at one point, but by the end she was pleased with what we’d done.  And I have to say, for her second strength workout with me / third one in total… she did really well.

You can do the workout above using the Tabata HIIT app for timings.
And if you want to mix it up a bit, pick other exercises from the list below:


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