This week’s Food Prep

Today I sat in the sun and made my lunches and chopped up some melon and strawberries for me breakfasts. Breakfast will be melon, strawberries, pine nuts, blueberries and two scrambled eggs (maybe with cheese).

My lunch bowls have:

3 cherry tomatoes
Yellow pepper
Flaked almonds
Baby onions
Piri piri sauce

One for each day next week, stored in the fridge for me to grab and take them to work.

I also made up the powder mix for my chilled protein / coffee shake. I put a scoop of chocolate protein powder, with half a scoop of azuro ground coffee. Then I’ll mix it in a shaker with about 300mls of coconut milk each morning.

I’ll have one with breakfast to help wake me up and recover from my pre breakfast exercise. Then I’ll have another at around 11am.

Snacks will include:

Smoked salmon
Greek yoghurt, oats and berries
Cashew nuts
Banana chips
Beetroot salad and couscous

Tonight I went to sainburys to get a few bits n prices for lunch and look what I ended up with?! A Kettlebell for fit girl to use:

And I also got a nice garden bench for our front garden today. The sun is round the front of the house in the morning and it’d be nice to sit there in the sun (if it lasts!)

What foods do you snack on? 🙂

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