Wk29 Plans

4 weeks of 2-3 strength sessions a week and I’m definitely feeling a difference. I’m up from lifting 30kg on the barbell, to 43.5kg and will increase that to 45kg next week. And I’m tempted to buy a 16kg Kettlebell to up my clean n presses from 12kg!

I want to keep up my running as well as weights, so here’s the plan for next week:

Mon AM: 12M run
PM: Rest

Tue AM: 5M run
PM: 3M easy run / Spinfit

Wed AM: Super 8s Strength
PM: Rest

Thu AM: 5M Run
PM. PT swim coaching

Fri AM: Super 8s Strength
PM: Rest

Sat AM: Getting new windows fitted!
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Rest
PM: Rest

I really enjoyed my strength session today… I hadn’t managed to fit it in all week last week as I’d done strength with weights on Mon and strength with Super Fit Bit on Tuesday night. I took two rest days, wed thu, then caught up again towards the end of the week with a swim, run and strength session (fri, sat, sun).

I’m looking forward to my long run tomorrow morning. Still not sure where I’m going but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a good way to go. 🙂

It was nice seeing all of the Facebook notifications about the Clyde Stride this weekend. It was a race I pulled out of due to injury and I must say I was very tempted by the friendly world that is ultra running in Scotland. A great event run by a great woman (Lee Maclean). Although I didn’t fancy running 40 miles in that heat on Saturday!

Have s good week. 🙂

Oh and before I go, I stained our decking tonight: 2 layers of oak wood stain: turned out nice. 🙂

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