Say goodbye to wheat?

I got the (number 1 best selling) book ‘Wheat Belly’ by William Davis MD a while back and I’ve just picked it up again.

I’ve kind of cut bread (and wheat products) out of my diet since reading it, opting for more nutritious colourful foods. I picked the book up again today, and I thought the few paragraphs were good from the book.

Wheat is there for two reasons: 1. It makes things taste good. 2. It makes you want to eat more. So Kellogg’s, and all the other companies make a mint when we eat wheat because it makes us crash and crave food.

The book also says it is easier for those ego don’t eat wheat to fast, as we don’t tend to have the wheat cravings where we NEED food. An interesting book. 🙂 I’m definitely coming off wheat after reading it!



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