Lorn the Coach: Super Running Club

Last year (April 2012), having achieved my running goals (PBs and distance), I decided it would be good for me to change tact a bit and focus on helping others to run, and help them to believe in themselves the way I do. 

think you canI realised that there are many in life who don’t believe in themselves. People who fear challenges, or who don’t think they can do things they want to do.  Whether it be ride a horse, climb a mountain, get that dream job or run a 10k.  I believe that the likelihood is that we can all do anything we set our mind to.  We can make the right changes in our lives and talk to the right people to help us achieve our goals and become better people overall.

The year of Kaizen Run Club

Anyway, back to me in the last year.  I looked at my life and decided I wanted to help people.  So I talked with some friends and got in touch with the guys at Kaizen Active.  They wanted a Running Coach and I wanted to be one… so we got together and a Running Coach I became.  I went in the direction I wanted and had led the Kaizen Running Club and took on some private running clients also.  We clicked right away and I soon saw how great Gordon and David’s ideas and work ethics were. (See their great and life changing Kaizen 360 offering here).

kaizen activeI realised that my belief in myself and the fact that I believe I can do anything I set my mind to… was something which many people would love to be able to do. If I could help motivate and help others to do great things and believe in themselves I thought it would be great!

kaizen ladies


So I did.  I got people at Kaizen Run Club (you know who you are) to get up and running.  They had a great time running as part of a group and completed one or two 10ks.  A couple of them even did the Edinburgh Marathon in May!  (see more here and here and here).

It was great to see all of the Kaizens grow as part of a community and individually.  I was told by one that I ‘helped instill a belief in herself that she didn’t think was possible’.  Aw shucks.  It was great to work with, get to know and help so many people. 🙂

Kaizen Run Club is no longer: what’s next?


Now it’s all change.  After some major running events, the Kaizen Run Club quietened down, and Kaizen decided that the club would be wound down due to a reduction in attendance.  They handed the opportunity of the doing Running Club over to me… my own running club to do what I wanted with and make it a Super Running Club!

And that’s where the next chapter of my life comes in.  I’m already helping a few individuals with running coaching, (and as you might know I’m a part time swimming coach and have a full time job at the BBC.)  But I would like to continue with a Running Club of sorts, from where I left off, if possible.

It’s been a long year where I’ve worked many hours (Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings have been dedicated to the Run Club)… so I’m taking a step back in July and perhaps into August this year…but I have an idea that I think might work. It might work if there is demand and people want to join my Super Running Club.


So here’s my idea:  My Super Running Club www.superrunningclub.com


The website is still in progress, but it will be a club which you can join and sign up for individual coaching by me, or if the demand is there, we can do group running coaching sessions.  When you join the club, you become Super.. Super Lorn or Super Susan… whatever your name… you become Super.  You take on Super Powers to believe in yourself, set goals and achieve great things.

There might be physical coaching sessions, but I can also provide information online in the form of training plans, question and answers and motivation.  It’ll be linked to my Lorn Pearson Trains website, and will hopefully allow people to get involved and unleash their Super Powers. 🙂  Acfterall, we’re all Super, we just need to beleive in ourselves, be strong and remind ourselves how truly great we are sometimes!

So, what do you think?  Would you like to be a part of the Super Running Club?  Would you be interested in coming along to a weekly coached group running session in Glasgow?  If so, when?

I’d love you to get involved and let me know what you think (comment below, or on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page, or email me!)

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