My Invisible Bookshelf Prototype

I’ve written about my books before on here:

My books are mainly to do with health, running, nutrition, exercise, running and positive thinking I guess. You can see my favourites on the link above.

Anyway. In the new house I want to keep my books on a cool bookshelf or five (as opposed to a bookcase) and I found this:

A bit of bent metal made by a rather expensive brand, and selling at quite an expensive price: the Umbra Invisible Shelf.

The reviews aren’t too good, saying they don’t hold much weight and the price is stupid. But they do look cool (I think).

I decided I wouldn’t be buying any Umbra Invisible Shelves, but I thought, surely someone has shown how to make some DIY ones online?

The only ones I could come across were either ones where you had to sacrifice a book and stick a bracket into it: not good. And another attempt with the brackets on show: not good! (and not invisible!)

So I decided I’d try my own version. 🙂

Up in my loft, I made an invisible shelf ‘prototype’ by screwing it into a big bit of wood that’s up there…

I got this very strong bracket from B&Q for around £2.80. (£2.80! – as opposed to £10!)

And got this other small brown bracket which I cut down to a small stump on one side (with a hack saw).

Then I screwed the small brown bracket in behind / under the grey bracket for the back cover if the first book to rest on.

And it was ready! The first book on it (without being damaged!)

Then it held loads of books (and was very strong so it would hold lots more if needed).

Not bad eh? It’s not quite right, as the small bracket is still visible (and not ideal that I need to saw it). So I thought I’d try some more malleable (and more invisible than a small brown bracket) paper clips. (I know what I’m thinking, I won’t bore you with my idea just yet … and I don’t have any paper clips!)

That’s for another day (when i have some paper clips though.) 😀 And I need to decide which books are going where too. I’ll let you know how I get on.

What do you think? Do you like my go at invisible bookshelves?

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3 Responses to My Invisible Bookshelf Prototype

  1. cmmercer says:

    this looks like an amazing idea!!! 🙂

  2. Derek says:

    Now I’ve seen your prototype shelf I’ve a good idea for a tweak that has no paper clips involved. f.o.c.

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