I have this super magic amazing thing…

photo 17

I’ve got this magic thing… this super magic amazing thing. 
It’s cheap, all around us and it helps our bodies tick over like well-oiled machines.
It’s a daily part of my life and it helps me to keep going.
When I don’t get enough of it, my body lets me know.

Around 55-65% of your body is made up of it.
It flows through your blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout.
It is essential to us, helping us to digest and absorb our food.
Without it, we might only survive for 3-4 days or for 10 days maximum.

young woman swimming underwater

It helps keep your body temperature normal.
Lubricates and cushions your joints.
Protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
As well as helping to get rid of wastes and toxins.

It helps your brain, heart, kidneys and bowels function,
And helps energise muscles so that you can perform to your best.
It can help control calories and helps your body metabolise food.
It helps towards having healthy skin and has been found to reduce the risk of cancer.

Sometimes when I think I’m hungry, and I get cravings for food,
It’s actually because I’m missing my super magic amazing thing.
It helps me to be Super strong, Super productive and be Super Lorn!
When I take it regularly it helps me function, I feel great and I never get sore heads.

pouring water from a bottleSo what is this super magic amazing thing?

You guessed it… it’s plain old… WATER.

No magic pill, no expensive weight loss solution or protein shake.
Pour it, chill it, store it in the fridge, and drink it – daily.
It will help you to become a Super Human… I promise.  🙂 

photo5superhuman-logoPrefer fizzy drinks or don’t like the taste of water?
Get over it!  … or put flavouring in water if you must.
Quit your excuses and get drinking water to help your body be the best it can be.
Your body and mind, will thank you when you’re Super Human (like me!)

Will you make an effort to drink water more often after reading this?


See more posts about why water is good for you: here. 🙂

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1 Response to I have this super magic amazing thing…

  1. Catherine Cameron says:

    Yes Lorn! I know I must up my intake. I do a lot of herbal tea so that counts! I like it chilled with ice and a slice of lemon. I’ll pass on your great tips to hubby. you are a great motivator!

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