How to measure and record body weight and fat

I’ve written before about how to measure your leanness:

Recently I’ve had a few queries about what scales are good, and how best to measure and record weight and body fat loss, so I thought I’d get my thoughts down here.

I started recording my weight and body fat weekly when I tipped the scales at my heaviest: 147lbs, almost 30% of which was fat.

My BMI was verging on tipping past 25 (almost at overweight), and my kind Dad had said to me I looked ‘comfortable’.

So I decided I needed to change things. See my weight loss journey here:

Anyway, back to the scales. 🙂 I increased my activity and exercise, and changed my eating habits to be ‘more healthy’. And after 6 or so months I lost around 12lbs and got to my ideal weight. It was great to see not only the lbs going down, but also my body fat.

Sometimes the lbs stay the same (or increase) but the fat % reduces, so the body fat % allows you to see the progress you’re making.

At the start of my journey, way back in 2008, I got my first set of scales. They were a very cheap set of Salter body fat analyser scales. For around £15, they were accurate, reliable and they gave me everything I needed to know. Here’s the current version of them (for sale on Amazon):

It was (and still is) great to have a consistent measure to check my weight and body fat levels against.

I record my weight weekly one a Wednesday morning and I still do it, even though my weight has maintained for at least the last 2 years (down 23lbs and 10% body fat since 2008).

Last Christmas I got a new jazzy set of Withings Wifi scales which are pretty cool. They transmit your readings online to your withings account, tactic health app, and even your Smart TV if you want. Very clever.

But I found the body fat reading was a little out (more) than the Salter reading, so I still weigh myself (manually) once a week with my Salter ones (sad I know, but I wouldn’t want to screw up my graph now. ;-P (I don’t really mind which is more accurate, all I know is that the salter ones have been the knee I’ve used since they said I was almost 30% body fat, so is like to continue using them so its all relative to the body fat %s I’ve recorded in the last)

I haven’t looked into the weight recording system on my new Smart Samsung telly, but apparently it syncs with withing scales too… And you can do training via your telly too. But I’ve not had a chance to check all that out yet.

The best app I’ve found to record my weight, body fat, measurements and even bold pressure is the Tactio Health app. As I mentioned, it syncs automatically with wifi scales if you’re lucky enough to have them, and it gives you lots of feedback too.

The graphs are great and its really easy to use (see a review if the app here, link to be added).

Anyway, if you’re looking for a set of scales to measure your weight and body fat by, I’d go fit the Salter ones above, and record the data in the Tactio Health app. 🙂

How do you measure and record your weight and body fat?

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