When I was small…

I’m going to share this with you… I remember a time when I was small and full of imagination. When I was about 6 or 7, I came up with the idea that I’d like to go out at night, when everyone else was asleep and adventurise.

I imagined me running around in the dark with no one knowing I was there or even able to see me. Like a runaway, fugitive, good guy or spy from the telly, I’d be dressed in all black, and maybe even have mud streaks on my face to help me be camouflaged.

Secret agent Lorn running through the dark streets, full of inquisitiveness and wanting to explore. I’d run through the gardens and streets, ducking and diving, jumping off walls, and finding my way around – creating my own adventure. I even went as far as to set out my black clothes a few nights in a row and set my alarm for the early hours… but I never did make it out for my adventure (when I was little).

Now a few decades later and I’m settled in life. With a steady and progressive career in a couple of fields. I’m very fit, healthy and happy… and my early morning adventure runs (and training) are now big part of my life. I get up before most others and am dressed and out the door for maybe 6:30am or before. I start my day with a run, strength session or swim (and have around two lie ins a week – until 7:30 or 8am). I ensure I get rest and recovery too and get relationship and social time too.

Exercising in the morning invigorates me. It clears my mind and sets me up for the day, and for the week. I see animals and things I wouldn’t usually see… Mr Fox, Stanley the Squirrel and some lovely baby deer in Pollok Park. I see the sun rise over the City and I come home, feeling much more energised and fulfilled than when I left. I go places I wouldn’t normally go, and expand my life so much by just running outside (with or without friends).

A bit like in my imagination when I was little, I now run my adventures and I get so much from it. I make the choice to get up before I normally would, to exercise, train and try to be the best I can be. I fit it in before work so that I can have the night to myself, or spend it with my better half, Fit Girl, or with friends.

Exercise has become a major part of my life and it makes me feel so great. I run an adventure because I can. You can too… so why don’t you? (without the dark camouflage clothes and mud on your face if you want). ;-P

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