Me on a horse!

On my birthday just there (33 years old on Friday 21st June)… I was treated to a nice breakfast out…

Eggs Royale: Smoked Salmon with Poached Eggs and Holandaise Sauce on a Croissant. 🙂

Then we went to the Hazelden Saddlery in Newton Mearns for me to ride a horse!

The hat fitted tightly and I was ready to go.

Jasper came along for the ride too!

Here is Kerry the trainer and Duke the horse.

Duke was around 25 years old and a very pleasant fella.

Here’s me just after I got on Duke.

And here’s me trying to trot….apparently it’s quite funny?

Up down, up down, up down, up down… I was getting the hang of it… sort of.

Here’s me just before she got me to canter…

And here’s me getting the hang of the canter… eeeek!

Here’s me getting described how to jump off the horse…

And here’s me jumping off… concentration….

A good wee day for me anyway. Now it’s back to work tomorrow after a long weekend off.

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