Role Models

Role-Models 5Do you have a role model?  Have you ever had a role model? Someone you look up to – someone you admire or who inspires you to become a different or better person? 

From the parent who worked hard and helped shape your beliefs and values, to the teacher who taught you well or the boss who works well, is great with people, who stops to talk, gets things done and thanks you for all of your hard work.

role model 3As we grow up we have the opportunity to take influence from many types of people… some may be positive role models, some may be negative.  It’s what we do with those influences, which makes us who we are. We can choose to become who we want to be, and we can be influenced by anyone in our lives.

I’ve looked for and had many positive role models all of my life – none of them were famous, all of them were just everyday people going about their lives setting a good example for me to follow.  Their ideas, efforts and ways inspired me, and now I’ve (flatteringly) found that I have become a positive role model (thanks Debs Cadden!).  🙂

(I’ve had negative role models too, but I’ve tended to distance myself from them, after realising they’ve been no good for me.)

Here are a few examples of the positive role models I’ve had:

  • The attentive nurse who was great at her nursing job, and had a part time job as a swimming teacher… I thought – I’d like to do that.
  • The hard working Dad who was highly regarded by all in the community, he helped many, enjoyed life, exercised regularly and ate well… I thought – I’d like to be like that.
  • role-model-t-shirt-shirtaday-1The very intelligent, lovely and unassuming friend who lives with a horrible life long and challenging condition, but still lives life to the full and doesn’t moan one little bit… I thought – I should be like that.
  • The teacher (and friend) who cared for others and provided a good home life for her family and extended family (me!)… I thought – I’d like to do that.
  • The two runners (/bloggers) (1 & 2) who competed (and in some cases won) many ultra events, running hundreds of miles and clocking up thousands of miles in training… I thought – I’d like to do that.

I’m sure I’ve had others, but these are probably the most influential role models in my life who have changed the way I live, eat and have fun (and they probably didn’t know how much of an influence they had on me, but perhaps they’ll know now!)

Role-Model-Medium-300x270It’s great to have others to be your role model – someone you can inspire to be like and someone who influences you to become a better or healthier person.  But sometimes you can get to a point where you can become your own role model too – become the person that you want to be.

Now I’ve become my own role model – always aiming to improve and be the best I can be.  I’m always looking for where I can improve, be it in what I drink or eat, or how I train and exercise, or even rest and recover!

inspireSo thank you to the Nurse, the Dad, the Friend, the Teacher and the Runner for letting me know that anything is possible and for influencing me to become the person I am today.  They’ve helped me to achieve all that I have up to now, and they’ll continue to help me to aspire to be the best I can be.

I’ll continue to be inspired by others, and hopefully I’ll continue to inspire others to be the best they can be and to have fun, enjoy life and achieve their goals and dreams.  🙂

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