Feast Friday

Here’s my food for today, all ready and prepped to take to work.

Breakfast: eggs and berries on a bed of cherry tomatoes. With a chocolate protein shake with ground coffee. Yum. Ill have another shake at about 10.

Then a box of chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, nuts, beet root with an olive oil dressing. And my new concoction and favourite strawberries and crunchy peanut butter.

Then if I’m hungry in the afternoon, it’s smoked salmon and Philly cheese with pine nuts.

And a wee Greek yoghurt n berries to keep me going. Not to mention the nuts n raisins if I’m tempted by office chocs! 🙂

A lot of food! Lets see if I can get through it all, and I’ll run it all off on my Saturday morning long run.

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