My Strength Work for next week

As you might have already read, I’ve suspended my gym membership in favour of working out at home and running in the streets.

This week was an ‘ease myself back in gently’ week, with running and swimming and trying to get up early. (I still need to work on getting earlier nights as I’m not quite ready to get up when the alarm goes off at 6am!)

Next week is when my strength work starts. My days for strength will be Mondays and Wednesdays, and perhaps Friday if I fancy it.

I need to make room for my weights in the spare room, (and get Fit Girl to be ok with them being in there for an interim) but hopefully it’ll all be fine.

Here’s what I plan to do: intense, strength work with heavy weights, interspersed with plyometric exercises.

Super 8s Strength Day 1:

Warm up 5 min run around the block.

5×5 / 30 secs work plyo
1. Press Ups / Ski Jumps
2. BB Squat (Deep) 30kg / Quick Squats
3. Bench Press 2 x 10kg / Sledgehammer 15kg
4. BB Bent Over Row 30kg / Frog Jumps

3×5 Circuit 30:6
1. Snatch 20kg
2. Romanian Deadlift 30kg
3. DB Clean 12kg
4. Press Ups
5. Mountain Climbers

Super 8s Strength Day 2:

Warm up 5 min run around the block.

5×5 / 30 secs work plyo
1. KB Swing (x25) / Suicide Dips
2. BB Squat (Deep) 30kg / Vertical Jumps
3. Shoulder Press or Clean n Press 12kg / Two Step Touch
4. BB Deadlift 40kg / Mountain Climbers

3×5 Circuit 30:6
1. Sledgehammer 15kg
2. Quick Squats 15kg
3. Tornado Chop 15kg
4. Press Ups
5. Squat Thrusts

The first four super sets will be done, 5×5 setsxreps, and 30 secs plyo in between, then the next 5 will be a circuit with limited rest, each exercises straight after the one before, the circuit repeated three times.

The above weights are my starting weights and I aim to increase these each week. 🙂

My weekly plan will be something like:

Mon AM: Strength
Tue AM: 5M run, PM: Run Club
Wed AM: Strength
Thu: Rest and fast
Fri AM: Swim / Run or Strength
Sat AM: Long Run
Sun: Rest, fast and Swimming Teaching

I’m really looking forward to it after so long off it! I do need to crack the early nights / early mornings before then though! In bed for 9 tonight! 😉

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