Kaizen Marathon Weekend!

I’ll post about my MOK Half Marathon soon, but I thought I’d let you know about a few very special people who ate part of the Kaizen Run Club who did some super running and supporting at the weekend.

Maxine (our mascot) and I are very proud of Super Sule and Super Lee for completing (and smashing) their first ever marathon!

Fingers crossed their legs are ok and they’ll be back running in no time at all.

Lee and Sule ran the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 26th May, here they are at the end:

And here’s them with their awesome super supporters:
Sandra, Bushra, Pauline and Christina.

Here’s the Kaizen girls without the Kaizen boys:
Fit Fun Foxy Super Girls. 🙂

With 16 weeks training under his belt, and a target of completing his first marathon in under 4 hours, Lee smashed it and finished in a great time with steady splits:

And with just six weeks of training and a goal of completing his first ever marathon Sule did really well too:

I’m very proud of the Kaizen Super Marathon Boys, and of the Kaizen Ladies for providing great support. It’s great to be part of such a Super Running Club!

If you want to come along, we meet at the Marriott Hotel, Glasgow, 6:15pm on Tuesday nights – your first session is free then £5 a go after that in June. 😀

Maybe we’ll see you there tonight?

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