It’s all falling into place

I got some good news today, and along with our luck in getting our new house and being able to rent out my flat, being very fit and healthy, and having 3 jobs I love…I’m feeling very happy and fortunate, like anything is possible and that everything is falling into place…

So I wrote this:

It’s all falling into place.
Little by little.
Piece by piece.
Everything is going so well.

It seems that everything is going so right.
For me in my life.
And for me and my wife. ;-P
Everything is as it’s meant to be.

It’s like nothing can go wrong.
Like anything I want, I eventually get.
Like I’m being rewarded for simply being me.
Everything will be as I want it to be.

I’ve made little changes.
Bit by bit,
Step by step.
Everything is strangely working out really well for me.

It’s all falling into place.
Ambitions being realised.
Dreams becoming reality.
Everything is so great.

I’m feeling very fortunate.
My life is flourishing and
new opportunities are opening up.
I love my life, and I love how it’s all falling into place.

Step by step,
Little by little,
Bit by bit.
It’s all falling into place. 🙂

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