8k in the sun this morning…

8k in the sun this morning… shorts, vest and sunnies.

What a great way to start your morning. 🙂 I’m glad I got up for it.

I started out nice and steady… on an old 8k route up to Queens Park and back. It’s a bit nasty for the first two and a bit miles…it goes up steadily and then peaks around Queens Park. But then it’s nicely steadily down towards the Clyde for the run home.

I pushed on up the hill and kept on pushing on the way home (see the heart rate graph).

I pushed a little harder than normal and as a result finished in just over 40 mins. A nice wee progressive hard run with my heart rate averaging 85%, maxing at 95%. 😀

Nice way to start my morning… I have a feeling that today is going to be another good day…and I’m going to wear shorts all day too. 😛

Oh and it was Delamitri last week… this week’s it’s a throw back to the 80s and one of my Dad’s favourite bands… Dire Straits!  ;-P

That’s me managed a swim yesterday before work (2,000m) and a run this morning before work… 2/4 mornings ticked off so far (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri).

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