Wk20 – 10M Pollok Park Adventure

I feel very fortunate indeed. After around 2 weeks of rest interspersed with a couple of runs here and there, this morning I was able to go out and run a leisurely 10 miles – easy peasy. I just took my time, found my comfortable pace and ran.

I hardly looked at my watch for the first two miles, but after that I gave in and started to look at it. As I thought, my heart rate was under 150 – nice and steady. I felt a few niggles here and there, a sore bit on my foot, a sore hip and a sore hip flexor, but the slight pain came and went. After an hour in I’d done just over 7 miles and I was thinking I could keep going to 13, but I saw sense and cut home to make the run 10 miles.

The weather was good, damp in the air but no rain. I ran up to Pollok Park, did a few loops of it then out of it onto Terreglee Ave, Nithsdale Rd and down St Andrews Drive home. 🙂

All done strongly after an 18 hr fast and two scrambled eggs for breakfast for fuel. I want to try out a mainly protein based breakfast and it seemed to work fine.

Now all I need to do next week is try to get up early to do all of the early morning exercise I have planned to get me into more of a routine! Wish me luck! (Or shout at me to get put of my bed at 615am more like!!)

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